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12 June 2015

New Enterprise Data Storage Service for Sensitive Data

Harvest Your Data have announced a new service for customers who need to collect confidential information. With the rapid growth of mobile devices in the workplace, businesses are increasingly using mobiles to collect not only anonymous data but also personal and sensitive business information. Harvest Your Data’s customers that need to collect sensitive mobile data, now have the option of storing data directly to their servers rather than in the Cloud. 

Harvest Your Data Founder and CEO, Stephen Cohn, said “Harvest Your Data, with our hosting partner, Rackspace, provide outstanding security and confidentiality for our customers’ data in the Cloud.  However some customers tell us that they need to be in total control of security and confidentiality of the data that they collect. Harvest Your Data’s new DSUS (Direct Secure Upload Service) for Enterprise Data Storage has been specifically developed for customers who do not want their data in the Cloud but want it only on their own secure servers.” 

DSUS is ideal for customers who are collecting personal and confidential information and those that must comply with European Union data protection regulations for protecting personal data. DSUS is also suitable for healthcare providers that are conducting mobile data collection that includes patient information.

Visit Direct Secure Upload Service for more information.

10 September 2015

UNRWA Partners with Harvest Your Data to Conduct Poverty Assessment Home Visits in Gaza

Today, Harvest Your Data has announced a private-public initiative with The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. Families who have been long awaiting – some for over a year – to be...

31 August 2015

Improved GPS Mapping

We are pleased to announce an updated GPS Results mapping tool. The new user interface supports mapping large datasets and clustering results. Simply click a Result Cluster to zoom in and see the location of each survey result...

27 August 2015

New GPS Question Type

The GPS Question type displays the longitude, latitude, altitude and location accuracy of a respondent's mobile device.  It has been designed for users who need to collect highly accurate GPS data at a specific stage within...

04 March 2015

iSURVEY Version 2.12.4 Released

This version of the app features a brand new ranking question type. The ranking question type prompts the respondent to compare items or images and place them in an order of preference. Respondents can add items to the...

20 September 2013

iSURVEY Version 2.11.0 Released

New Progress Bar  It is now easy to show how much of a survey has have completed.  Version 2.11.0 includes an optional progress bar that can be displayed at the top or the bottom of a screen. The Progress Bar can be...

23 July 2013

iSURVEY Version 2.10.7 Released

New Dropdown Question Type  The dropdown question type prompts the respondent to choose a single answer from a large list. This question type supports up to 10,000 answers that can be preloaded into the dropdown...

01 July 2013

iSURVEY Version 2.10.6 Released

Web site Update  The website has been updated to provide Enterprise level management for users with a large number of devices. New device management features include grouping and filtering. It’s now quicker and easier to...

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