Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a new droidSURVEY account?

In the past we have operated a separate site for droidSURVEY users running the droidSURVEY app. iSURVEY accounts now support both Apple and Android devices. If you are planning on using Android devices running the droidSURVEY app please register for an iSURVEY account.

The iSURVEY account will give you the flexbility of setting up a single survey or form that can be loaded on to both Android and Apple devices.

Note: Existing droidSURVEY accounts DO NOT support Apple devices. You can continue to use your droidSURVEY account with your Android devices.

Free Trial

What is the free trial?

You can try all of the features iSURVEY offers for free and for as long as you like! You can load as many devices as you like and have as many people try iSURVEY as you like. 

The only thing to remember is that you can only store up to 10 survey interview results on our web site unless you buy the survey. 

You can create an unlimited number of surveys in your account that are each limited to 10 survey results. 

You can publish a single 14 day survey for free by requesting a voucher code. This survey includes up to 100 survey results. 

Register for a free trial account


Why is iSURVEY pricing the way that it is?

The iSURVEY pricing is based on the idea that you will want to do some “one-off” surveys and that you will have some surveys that are repeated regularly. It seems fair to us that if you are going to repeat your surveys over and over then you shouldn’t be charged as much as when you just do a “one-off”. That’s why there is a discount structure.

How does the discounting work?

Discounting works like this: 

  • You pay full price to use iSURVEY for one month.
  • 6 month survey accounts receive a 25% discount.
  • 12 month survey accounts receive a 45% discount.

Do I have to pay extra for each iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone that I use?

No – you can use as many as you want to. We only charge for the survey itself.

Do I have to pay extra for each person that uses a device?

No – you can have as many people using your devices as you wish to. We only charge for the survey itself.

Android App

Do you offer an Android version of iSURVEY?

Yes - Download the droidSURVEY app from Google Play on to your device and link it to your iSURVEY account. Create a single survey using the iSURVEY web site and assign it to Android devices running the droidSURVEY app and Apple devices running the iSURVEY app.

Survey Offline

Can the app conduct surveys offline without an Internet connection?

Yes - After your survey has been assigned and downloaded to your device, you can conduct offline surveys via the app and collect responses on your mobile device without an Internet connection.

Responses to survey questions are stored on your device until you choose to upload them. If you prefer you can switch your device into Airplane mode to save battery life while conducting surveys. iSURVEY makes offline mobile data collection easy.

The next time your device has Internet connectivity you can upload the survey responses as a batch to the iSURVEY database.

Trial Without a Device

Can I trial iSURVEY without a mobile smartphone or tablet device?

Yes - You can create your surveys and preview them using our Web based device simulator. You don't need a physical device to trial iSURVEY. 

Data Storage

Can we store data in our own database?

Yes - Upload survey results to the Cloud or directly to your own database server.  

Automatic Downloading of Results API

Do you offer an API?

Yes - The iSURVEY API enables your developer to write software applications that dynamically interact with your surveys. 

The iSURVEY API documentation is available on request. Contact us for more information.

iPad App Version

Do you offer an iPad version?

Yes - iSURVEY has an iPad App developed specifically for the iPad screen size. 

Reseller Program

Do you offer a Reseller Program?

Yes - iSURVEY has a reseller program. Please contact us for more information. 

White Label Survey App

Do you offer a White Label version of the iSURVEY app?

Please contact us to enquire about a White Label version of iSURVEY.