Survey Skip Logic

The Harvest Your Data easy-to-use interface makes it simple to set up survey skip logic without a programmer.

Get your work done without the IT department!

Customize Flow

Customize the next question that is displayed in your survey based upon a respondents’ answers. Harvest Your Data allows you to create complex, branched surveys without the need for any coding languages or confusing interfaces. The custom flow functionality allows you to segment your respondents with a minimum of effort. 

Harvest Your Data helps you make sure that the right people are answering the right questions. 

survey skip logic

Answer Randomization

Remove answer order bias from your mobile survey design with answer randomization. Order bias plays a big role in creating statistical anomalies. Harvest Your Data makes eliminating bias a breeze. Answer order can be randomized for any question, in any context, with just the touch of a button. 

Be certain that you are getting the very best data from your respondents with Harvest Your Data’s survey skip logic, flow, and question randomization features.