Kiosk Survey Mode

Turn your iPad or Android tablet into a kiosk survey for unattended data collection.

Save resources with self-service that enables the customer to interact with the kiosk and complete their engagement. 

The kiosk mode can be set up to automatically restart the survey after a certain amount of idle time that you specify. You can choose to display an optional warning message prior to the survey restarting. Control whether the device saves or discards partial results.

Boost your response rate by uploading an attention grabbing start screen that invites passers-by to interact with your kiosk survey.

Streamlined Kiosk User Interface

Display a familiar kiosk user interface that automatically proceeds to the next question after a user answers a single select question. Users can quickly move to the next screen in the kiosk without having to select the next screen button. 

iSURVEY’s clean and simple interface makes it easy for respondents to answer questions. Avoid unnecessary confusion or clutter from your layouts. 

Kiosk Enclosures for iPad & Android Tablets

We recommend using an iPad or tablet kiosk holder that secures the device and prevents users from selecting buttons that exit the app. Attract attention to your kiosk by attaching signage to the enclosure stand.

Because the iSURVEY app allows for the collection of hundreds of results, even in offline mode, you can safely leave your kiosk operating all day. 

How Kiosk Mode can be used 

  • Entering a competition at a conference or event.
  • Giving feedback in a retail store.
  • Guest registration at reception.