Email Notification Alerts

Need to know which survey respondents to keep an eye on, in real time? Harvest Your Data has you covered with the Hot Answer email alerts feature. When designing your survey or questionnaire, you can assign Hot Answers to any multi-choice question. Then, you can set up iSURVEY to detect when a user answers a question in your survey that matches your Hot Answer criteria.  

If an uploaded result matches your Hot Answer, the results are emailed to your email notification address. Stay informed and keep your finger on the pulse with email alerts for your surveys and forms.

survey alert

Get notified when something needs your immediate attention. Whether it’s a lead to follow up or an inspection issue that needs a quick fix, the Hot Answer email alerts feature keeps you in the loop with up to the minute alerts. 

How Email Notifications Can Be Used 

The Hot Answer system is remarkably versatile. Below are just a few examples of how Hot Answers can make your life easy. 

  • Collect shopper feedback visiting your retail store using a kiosk survey. Get notified of a problem while a shopper is in the store and resolve problems swiftly.
  • Collect the feedback of diners by using a mobile survey device that is delivered to the table with the bill.
  • Monitor building site or workplace compliance with regular inspections, and spring into action if any aspects are out of order or under par. 
  • Carry out lead collection at a conference or event, and have your most important new leads delivered direct to your email inbox.