Device Management

mobile device managementThe Harvest Your Data software suite includes enterprise-level management tools for customers with a lot of devices. 

Unlike other survey and data collection apps that charge per device, each purchased survey can be loaded on an unlimited number of iOS and Android devices running the iSURVEY app.

If you have hundreds of mobile devices and are looking for an enterprise survey software, Harvest Your Data has you covered!

Managing Multiple Android & iOS Devices is a Breeze

Manage all your mobile smartphone and tablet devices centrally, with no increase in your workload.  Surveys can be controlled from your office, and uploaded automatically to mobile devices anywhere in the world.

The enterprise device management features include grouping, filtering and keyword search tools to keep you in control. Administrators can assign surveys on to one or multiple devices.

Enterprise Feedback Management

Managing remote workers who are collecting data can be a time consuming and organisational nightmare for enterprises.

Harvest Your Data ensures that your remote workers are able to operate – even in the remotest of locations. The software makes it easy to manage remote field works and track when each mobile device last uploaded results.

Device Security

The iPhone, iPod and iPad iOS devices can be are secured with encryption to safeguard enterprise data.

The iSURVEY app supports iOS data protection that is implemented at the software level and works with the hardware and firmware encryption to secure data collected in the event that a physical device is stolen or lost.

The encryption and decryption process appears seamless to users; however, a passcode must be used when accessing the device.