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If your organisation needs a great data collection tool but due to company security and confidentiality restrictions you are reluctant to use shared SaaS (Software as a Service) websites such as Harvest Your Data then we have a solution for you.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or In-house Data Storage 

Harvest Your Data – Total Control© is designed to solve your problem. If you need to host your data on your company servers or on your own Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS servers we can provide a customised copy of Harvest Your Data and its associated Android and Apple apps just for you.

You can have Total Control© over the physical location of the data you collect with the iSURVEY and droidSURVEY apps and so ensure full compliance with all company security and confidentiality policies.


Harvest Your Data – Total Control© pricing is available on request. Talk to us about your enterprise data collection and storage requirements.



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