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Data Storage Options

Harvest Your Data gives you the flexibility of storing your data in the cloud or in your own company database.

Cloud Storage

Standard accounts store survey results that are uploaded from mobile devices in the Rackspace Cloud on secure servers located in the United States. By storing your survey results in the cloud you do not need to set up and manage your own database server. 

The cloud offers you quick deployment and pay as you go access. It eliminates the upfront cost of installing a database, as well on-going costs for maintenance and upgrades. 

Store Data in Your Company Database

Harvest Your Data has recently introduced a Direct Secure Upload Service that has been specifically developed for customers that need to host data in their company database. You can now have total control over the data that is collected with the iSURVEY and droidSURVEY apps.

The Direct Secure Upload Service is ideal for customers who are collecting personal information or those that need to host data locally in their country. Data is uploaded from the iSURVEY and droidSURVEY apps directly to your company database server and is not stored in the cloud.

The Direct Secure Upload Service must be set up by your system engineer.  

Installation requirements: 

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher
  • SQL Server Express Edition 2014. However if you have SQL Server licencing you can configure it with other SQL versions including SQL Server Enterprise Edition.
  • Windows IIS7+ and a SSL encryption certificate.
  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 
  • 20MB of Hard disk space 


The Direct Secure Upload Service pricing is available on request. Talk to us about your enterprise data storage requirements and joining our beta program.

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