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Save Time with the Default Survey Device Group

Category: Featured Steve Cohn 2 March 2020

Welcome to my March blog.  Springtime is coming in the Northern Hemisphere which I’m sure you will all be looking forward to but sadly Summer is drawing to an end here in the South.  Today I’m going to talk about a great new feature called Default Group (but it could easily have been called Save Yourself Time!) [more]

Why we developed the Direct Secure Upload Service

Category: Featured Steve Cohn 1 June 2015

Cloud computing is a wonderful thing!  It has brought down the cost of using complex software systems for millions of businesses around the world, by several orders of magnitude over the past 5 years.  It has driven innovation and huge improvements in usability.  But for some organisations there is a snag… Security… Security of cloud systems has been an issue from the beginning bu...[more]

Offline Mobile Data Collection

Category: Featured Steve Cohn 17 November 2014

If you are reading this you may have tried iSURVEY or droidSURVEY or someone else’s app but I’d like to share some thoughts on offline data collection. Firstly let me tell you this - Making an app and a supporting systems for offline data collection is hard!   Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  It is a difficult technical problem to solve but the value is so great that it’s absolute...[more]

What is a White Label App?

Category: Featured Steve Cohn 29 July 2014

Have you ever wondered what we mean when we talk about White Labelling iSURVEY or droidSURVEY? Very simply it is the process of removing our branding, removing all reference to our company or website for iSURVEY or droidSURVEY and replacing them with yours.  It’s sometimes known as private labelling.  The White Labelling Process – APPLE The first thing that is needed to release an app...[more]

Should I Choose Apple or Android devices?

Category: Featured Steve Cohn 23 July 2014

We often get asked “Which devices should we be using for our data collection?” Unfortunately there’s not a simple answer to this question.  This article will share some of our insights into the pros and cons of the two technologies. Apple Apple more or less invented the mobile app.  We started developing iSURVEY for the Apple App Store about 5 years ago when it was already a year old (...[more]