Dear droidSURVEY Customers,

Almost 5 years ago our talented team of developers started writing the first offline survey app for mobile devices – iSURVEY. 

We released iSURVEY to Apple’s then fledgling App Store about 4 and a half years ago for use on iPhones and iPod Touch.  From those leading edge beginnings we have branched out into the world of tablets and other devices, both iPads and all of the Android devices from phones to 10” screens. It’s been quite a journey. 

As time has gone by, what we have found is that although we originally built iSURVEY and droidSURVEY for market research, there are a lot of lateral thinking people looking for solutions to slightly different problems and they showed us that we didn’t just have great survey apps, but that we had great data collection apps.  

We decided to act on this insight and create a new brand called Harvest Your Data and a new website called 

The site is structured to better reflect the wide range of uses that you, our clever customers, have found for iSURVEY and droidSURVEY, and to make it easier for potential customers to quickly ascertain if our apps are going to be right for them.

How to Log on to droidSURVEY

To log on to your account please click on the Log on button at top right of the navigation bar

And then choose droidSURVEY to log on  


How to Register for a New droidSURVEY Account

If you are a new customer and plan on using Android devices please register for an iSURVEY account. iSURVEY accounts support Android devices running the droidSURVEY app and Apple device running the iSURVEY app. 

Click here to register for an iSURVEY account and start your free 14 day trial.

New droidSURVEY accounts can no longer be registered.