How do you define a survey result?

A survey result is a single interview. That is, the data collected by completing the whole questionnaire from start to finish. If your interview sample is 1000 people you will have 1000 results.

How many free results does a survey purchase include?

Each individual survey is purchased for a period that ranges from 1 to 12 months in duration.

3,000 results per month are included for free. For example - If you purchase a survey for 6 months it includes 18,000 survey results (6 x 3,000).

I’ve got a survey that runs for more than one month. Can I only collect 3000 results each month?

You are not restricted in the way you can collect your survey results.

For example, if you purchase a 6 months survey that includes 18,000 results, you can collect 12,000 results in the first month and then 6,000 results over the remaining 5 months of the survey.

I need more than 3000 results per month - Can I purchase additional results?

Yes - You can purchase additional survey results.

Are there on-going monthly account fees charged to my credit card?

No - There are no ongoing monthly account fees.

You pay for each survey just for the period of time you are collecting data.

Do I have to pay for additional devices or users?

No - There are no additional device or user charges. Each survey can be run on an unlimited number of iOS and Android devices running the iSURVEY app. 

Do I need a different survey for Android and Apple devices?

No – the same survey will run seamlessly on both types of devices.

Do I pay extra for using advanced features like skip logic and photos or SPSS data files?

No – everything is included – there are no hidden costs.