Email Question Type

Capture email addresses using your iOS or Android mobile devices. The iSURVEY app makes it easy to build an email list.

The email question type prompts respondents to enter an email address using the app's onscreen keyboard.

Each email address is verified by app to ensure it is in a valid format. For example the apps' email question type can detect if the domain name contains invalid characters and it will prevent the user from proceeding until a valid email is entered. Collect email addresses with fewer typos and reduce your email bounce rate.

The iSURVEY app makes it possible to conduct email capture even when your iOS or Android device is offline. Simply sync the data when your smartphone, iPad or tablet device has an Internet connection. 

Capture Emails Efficiently with the Mobile App

Collecting emails with the mobile app saves you time and eliminates frustrating typos that plague paper forms containing illegible handwriting.

Email addresses can be collected on multiple smartphone, iPad and tablet devices and uploaded to your account into a central list. Emails can be easily exported into a CSV file format and imported into your database or an email provider. Automate the importation of email addresses into your database using the Developer API.

Boost your Email Address Collection 

Old clipboards are not fun!

Email list building techniques that once worked years ago are no longer as effective. The iSURVEY app offers an innovative approach.

The iSURVEY app presents your smartphone, iPad and tablet users with an engaging experience that catches their attention. Theme your email capture form with your own background and logo.

Users enjoy interacting with mobile devices. Build an email list faster with Harvest Your Data.

How to Build an Email List using Best Practices

Ensure that the person giving you their email address knows exactly what you'll be sending them. Ask for explicit permission to send e-mail when building your email list and always include an opt-out link in your emails.

Protect your company by keeping an electronic record as proof that your company has received permission to send an email.

Each email captured via the app includes a date / time stamp. You can also optionally include a confirmation checkbox and even a digital signature. iSURVEY offers you the flexiblity of asking additional questions such as the frequency of newsletters or product interests.

How the Email Question Type is being used to Capture Emails 

  • Use the Kiosk mode to set up an iPad or Tablet Kiosk that capture emails addresses next your point-of-sale retail counter. 
  • Capture email addresses for a customer complaint. For example, "Please provide your email address if you would like us to contact you regarding the unsatisfactory standard of care you have received".
  • Trade show salespeople can record the email address and contact details of prospects that request an onsite visit and quotation.