Case Study

Andréa Giron
Manager of Visitor Research and Programme Evaluation

With over one million people coming through the doors every year, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science needed a robust survey tool to carry out visitor polling. Andréa Giron, manager of Visitor Research and Programme Evaluation, found a solution in iSURVEY.

Collecting visitor data is a critical task for museums. The DMNS needed to carry out museum visitor research surveys at least once per month, collecting not only visitor satisfaction results but also demographic and experience information – why they came,  how they would rate their experience if they’ve been before, etc. Andréa needed a visitor research tool that could be deployed on multiple devices, delivered via tablet, and updated en masse. It needed to have skip flow and logic functionality. And most importantly, it needed to have an online interface that staff could be easily trained to use. 

Andréa explains iSURVEY was the answer, “Being able to use it on multiple devices is wonderful, as is being able to keep all the devices up to date easily. It’s super easy to upload”

The data she got from iSURVEY was clean and ready to use, and if there was an element they wanted to see that would make it easier on their end, staff at iSURVEY were always available and responsive. If they weren’t already beta testing and thinking about a feature, they were really willing to look at integrating it.

 “It felt like there was a real purpose, and that this was built for the end-users to get everything they needed out of it.”

Andréa works with museums all around the world, and she is constantly recommending iSURVEY. “It’s been really fantastic and I don’t see us ever looking to another service,” she said. “We’re super happy with it.”

Organisation Snapshot

Originally constructed in 1900 to store an extensive taxidermy collection, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is now one of Colorado’s greatest and most enduring educational institutions. With a focus on integrity, excellence, learning, and respect (and great science!), the DMNS continues to wow visitors of all ages. The museum strives to ignite the community’s passion for nature and science, with rotating exhibitions, a full-scale planetarium, and even an IMAX screen showing off the majesty of nature in mind-blowing 3D.