Secure Medical Research Surveys & Healthcare Data Collection

Patient satisfaction surveys and health questionnaires are an important part of medical research. Unlike many other industries, data security is critical in the medical field – patient confidentiality, after all, is protected by law. Paper based surveys can easily be lost or damaged, and many other online survey solutions send through unencrypted data. Harvest Your Data focuses on data security, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that your patients can answer in confidence. 

patient satisfaction surveys

Harvest Your Data’s unique cloud based dashboard ensures that your survey data remains safe and completely confidential. No information is saved permanently to the hard drive of your mobile device, and Harvest Your Data’s encrypted wireless transmission means that your patient satisfaction survey data stays perfectly safe.

For organizations who prefer to have total control over their data, Harvest Your Data supports uploading survey results directly to your corporate database.  Talk to us about our Direct Secure Upload Service.

Screen Health Questionnaire Participants

The easy-to-use interface makes answering questionnaires a breeze for respondents, and with Harvest Your Data’s question skip and flow logic features, you can screen out inapplicable participants quickly and easily. Surveys can be set to branch, giving you the ability to segment your respondents all in a single survey.

Harvest Your Data has been used in major universities and medical research departments all across the globe. It has been cleared for use in research by institutional review boards and ethics committees as a safe and secure data collection solution. 

Click here to start your free 14 day trial, or click here to read testimonials from the The Center for Evaluation and Research at UC Davis and the College of Nursing at the University of Kentucky. Read first hand how Harvest Your Data makes patient satisfaction surveys, health questionnaires, and medical research safe, secure, and easy.