Manage NGO Research Data Collection Campaigns in Remote Locations

organise aid distributionThe reality of aid agencies, NGOs, and non-profits is that you can never be sure where your work will be needed next. Remote locations with little to no infrastructure are an unavoidable part of the job. Harvest Your Data is the premiere mobile survey and questionnaire solution for NGOs and non-profits, with software features designed specifically for use when you’re away from the city. 

Harvest Your Data’s offline data collection functionality means that surveys can be carried out anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. Plus, because Harvest Your Data software is usable on almost any Apple or Android device, it’s easier than ever before to collect beneficiary information or carry out NGO research data collection in any location and in any conditions. Because Harvest Your Data’s surveys are created and distributed from a digital dashboard, multiple surveys that must be conducted on multiple devices can be easily managed remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Display the GPS Location of People You Reach on a Google Map

To help you keep your bearings, Harvest Your Data features GPS mapping, which allows you to keep track of exactly where any mobile survey or form was filled out. The image capture function lets you and your workers take photographs in the field, with GPS co-ordinates baked in to the image metadata. There’s no problem with language barriers either – Harvest Your Data has multilingual support built in, with over 17 language choices, including Arabic, Chinese, Pashto, Spanish and more. 

Already in use for NGO data collection as far afield as Papua New Guinea and South Sudan, Harvest Your Data is the safe, secure and reliable solution when it comes to managing your aid campaigns.

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