Get more Academic Research Done Throughout your Day

The best academic research is built from the best data. For quick, easy, accurate, and secure data collection, the solution is Harvest Your Data. It includes a wide range of features that are suitable for academics, whether you are working at high school level, PhD, or beyond.

Harvest Your Data’s quick and easy setup and wide range of features ensure that you will be getting more educational research done, faster. 

educational research

To get the most out of a survey, it has to be easy to do. Harvest Your Data is designed with mobile devices in mind – the clean and simple user interface makes answering questions a breeze, even for those who struggle with technology. Image capture and barcode scanning functionality allow researchers to keep track of each and every participant, ensuring none of your data ends up out of place. 

Data Collection Tools for Teachers and Educational Research

Harvest Your Data’s cloud based dashboard makes assigning surveys to devices quick and easy, and since multiple devices can carry out the same survey at the same time, participants can be polled simultaneously, dramatically increasing the speed of your data collection. Each survey can be run on an unlimited number of smartphone, iPad and tablet devices. It can be used in the classroom as a data collection tool for teachers who need to score and record results from a daily quiz.  It's ideal for educational field trips because it works offline without an Internet connection.

Just because survey data is transmitted electronically doesn’t mean it’s not secure. Harvest Your Data has been cleared for academic research by multiple institutional review boards and ethics committees, even in the medical field. 

Once you have your data, you still need to process it. Harvest Your Data makes things simple, allowing results to be exported in CSV or SPSS format. This means quick, easily accessible data with a minimum of clean up needed, allowing you to move on from data collection to what really matters: analysis. 

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