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What is I'm OK?

“I’m OK” allows you to make a quick and easy assessment of an individual’s health and workplace needs. It uses a simple, short questionnaire which is completed daily or at a regular time period that you can set up.

It is designed for Supervisors to stay in touch with their people who are working from home? Are they feeling physically healthy? Mentally healthy? Do they have everything they need to work as effectively as possible?

“I’m OK” is the answer!

You can easily get confidential feedback from your people and take better care of them without making daily phone calls or sending emails. The “I’m OK” app will email you if someone answers a question in a concerning way so you will know immediately.

This is how “I’m OK” works:

  1. The Supervisor registers for an online account with “I’m OK” on the Harvest Your Data website and becomes the account Administrator.

  2. An “I’m OK” questionnaire is automatically generated in the “I’m OK” account. You can change this questionnaire in any way that you want so you don’t have to use the questions provided.

  3. The Administrator sends their people a link to download the “I’m OK” app.

  4. As soon as the person’s device registers with the “I’m OK” website account, it downloads the questionnaire that the Administrator has provided.

  5. From then on the person will receive an alert on their device prompting them to complete the survey each day.

It’s as simple as that. Try “I’m OK” today!